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Pastor Andre’ Wells, Sr. – Biography

Reverend Andre Wells, Sr. is the Pastor of Second Baptist Missionary Baptist Church in South Bend, Indiana.  Reverend Wells, Sr. is a native of South Bend, Indiana and graduated from Washington High School.  His parents are Pearl and Arthur Wells, Sr.   He is married to First Lady Allison Wells, and together they have five children (two sons and three daughters): Andre Jr., Antaya, Aunyee, Akira, and Andreus. 


Reverend Wells was called into the ministry by our Lord and Savior under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Anthony R. Pettus, Sr., former pastor of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church.   


April 25, 2004, Reverend Andre’ Wells, Sr. became pastor of Second Baptist Missionary Baptist Church, South Bend, Indiana.  Reverend Wells was Ordained in 2005 under the stewardship of Pastor Anthony R. Pettus, at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. 


Pastor Wells is a spiritual preacher, teacher and leader.His vision and motto for the Church is to Seek GOD in our Worship; Serve the Kingdom in our Work; and to Save the Lost in our Witness.

Church History


The Second Baptist Church was organized August 15, 1952, in a garage building owned by Mr. & Mrs. Grady Walker, at 24956 Fillmore Road.  The Church had 13 members, two deacons and one trustee.  Mrs. Walker gave the Church its name.


The first pastor was Rev. D.S. Davis, who served eight years.  Under the leadership of Rev. Davis the membership grew to 125.  In 1953, land was purchased to build a church.  By 1954, the basement had been completed, and the congregation moved to its present location at 24828 Fillmore Road.  Rev. Davis resigned in May, 1960.


Rev. K.A. Bird was called in June, 1960, and served until 1962.  Rev. J.C. Watson was then called and served from August, 1962 to July, 1964.  Rev. C.H. Smith followed the call and served from August, 1964 to April 1966.


Rev. Samuel Chase, Jr. was called June 5, 1966.  Many members were added to the church and much work was done.  The church had grown spiritually and financially.  On October 7, 1973, the church moved into its present building; and on July 31, 1983, dedication of the new addition and renovation was conducted.  The church added   a baptistery, office space, an enlarged basement, and a choir room. 


On Sunday, October 19, 2003, Rev. Chase retired from the church, and on April 25, 2004, our present Pastor, Rev. Andre’ Wells, Sr. was called.  We are moving forward with the Lord under the leadership of our pastor.


Under our new pastor, with the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we have updated the church with new computers and printers; and we have started updating some building repairs.


Our membership has grown in numbers and we are growing spiritually. We have started our Youth Sunday School with three different age groups. We have started our Evangelism Team and classes. 


Our Choir and Usher Board have grown under his leadership because we are being taught the Word.  We are not bragging on our Pastor, but the Jesus that is in the Pastor. 

In August, 2013, Second Baptist Church had our official Mortgage Burning Ceremony that was conducted by Pastor Anthony R. Pettus, Greater Progressive Church from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  A Revival was conducted by Pastor, Jerry McAfee, Pastor Willie McAfee & Pastor Maurice McAfee in celebration and restoration of Second Baptist Church.  Rev. Michael Chase preached Sunday Morning worship on Sunday, August 18, 2013, and Pastor Pettus preached Sunday evening.


24828 Fillmore Road, P. O. Box 3895, South Bend, Indiana 46619